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Hello, I hope you are doing good, My name is Rohit Kumar and I am Programmer, Analyst, Blogger and Youtuber based in Kanpur, India.

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I like to Help companies to get important things done and develop business applications for them. Apart from that In my free time, I try to share some awesome scripts on my blog which I personally feel are useful for me as well as all developers, programmers and designers while working on any project. That’s why I called it “My Public Notebook”. Here I share useful scripts so that I can easily find out when it is needed in my project without googling.

Utility Tools developed by me:-

Coupon Website: Here I have used a third parties affiliate network to list coupon codes of all the popular stores so that you can easily find money saving coupon codes in one place and save your hard earned money.

Twitter Trends: You can watch daily twitter trending topics and hashtags, I have used the official twitter API to collect trending hashtags which refreshes every 30 minutes.

YouTube Trends: I have used Youtube API to collect trending videos and categorized country wise so that you can easily watch daily trending videos in each country and compare what is trending on YouTube in your country.

Google Trends: I have used google trends RSS Feed to collect daily trending search keywords and categorized country wise so that you can easily get daily trending topics in each country and compare what most of the people searching on google search in your country.

Age Calculator: This Age Calculator tool will help you to calculate your age and let you know how old you are now in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Public Holidays: I have used multiple events API + Google calendar API to collect the list of public holidays / office holidays / bank holidays / school holidays country wise so that you could easily see the coming holidays list in your country / state and plan your holiday accordingly.

Fancy Text Generator: This tool helps you to convert your plain text into fancy text using Unicode fonts. Helpful for making fancy Instagram, Facebook, Twitter bios.

Word Finder: This is a quick word finder tool which help you to find all possible words made up of the letters you input. It helps you find the best scoring words for scrabble, words with friends and other similar word games like Jumble words, Anagrammer, Wordscraper and so on..