Why Microsoft developed C# Programming Language?

As we discussed in the previous article one of the main reasons for developing .NET was that when the development of .NET was started, then the needs were changing, the technology was changing, the Internet was gaining momentum in its development, New devices were coming, but the programming languages ​​available to develop the software designed for them were outdated, which was not fully capable of meeting the latest requirements.

Because these old programming languages ​​were not developed on the basis of any standard, so when the software was created for one device, it could not be useful for any other device while for making software for another device. Another programming language was needed.

That is, overall, there was a lot of trouble for the developers because they had to use different programming languages ​​to develop software for different devices and had to learn new types of programming languages, technologies, and design patterns from time to time.

Whenever a new technology is developed, computers and software also have to change accordingly. Even before .NET, various types of programming languages ​​were developed by Microsoft to meet different types of user requirements, but at the time when these programming languages ​​and design patterns were developed, Microsoft did not know at that time. That there will be an invention named the Internet, which will change the basis of the entire computing system.

Therefore, when the Internet started developing after 1995, seeing the speed at which the Internet started, Microsoft was forced to think that along with the development of the Internet, what would be the condition and direction of Software Development and Deployment and then Keeping the Internet in mind, the .NET Platform was completely designed from the beginning.

But since, at the time when Microsoft was thinking about developing a new platform, Sun Microsystems’ Java was becoming very popular in the field of web development, while Microsoft’s Visual Basic was very popular for desktop development at the same time. That’s why Microsoft couldn’t even give up on Visual Basic.

Therefore the fame of Java and Visual Basic also inspired him to design a programming language that has Java-like security and extendability. Also, it should be easy, and desktop or web-based software can be made in it fast. Keeping many such features included, the concept of developing the programming language that Microsoft decided to develop, the result of the same is C#.

C# is a programming language that is similar to Java in terms of Platform and Classes, similar to Visual Basic with respect to GUI development, while Object-Oriented Programming Concepts are completely based on C++, and Coding Structure is completely C. Language based.

In this way, C# has the ability to do Hardware Level Interaction of C Language, C++ has Powerful Object-Oriented Programming Concept, Java has Platform Neutral Architecture, which makes it easily extendable and more secure, and Visual Basic has a GUI system which makes it Equipped with Rapid Application Development Feature. (Developed C#.NET)

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