The article looks at whether India Today news is biased or unbiased. It examines the arguments of both sides, with some claiming that the news outlet leans towards one particular political party while others argue that it is unbiased and provides balanced coverage. It then looks at the evidence, both in terms of the topics covered as well as the language used, and concludes that India Today news may have a slight bias towards the centre-right. However, it also notes that it still provides fair and balanced coverage of all sides of the political spectrum. In conclusion, India Today news is likely to have a subtle bias towards the centre-right, but still provides balanced coverage of all political viewpoints.

The article examines the purchasing power of the average Indian based on their annual income. The findings show that the average Indian earns an estimated $1700 per year, which is much less than the average income in other countries. This means that most Indians are unable to purchase items such as cars and electronics, and must instead rely on basic necessities. The article further discusses how the Indian economy is growing due to the influx of foreign investment, but that much of the country still remains very poor. It is concluded that while the Indian economy is improving, the average Indian remains at a distinct disadvantage compared to their international counterparts.