Amit Shah: 'Modi made Kashmir inseparable part of India'?

Published on Jul 31


Amit Shah: 'Modi made Kashmir inseparable part of India'?

The Preamble of My Thoughts on Amit Shah’s Statement

First of all, allow me to clarify that my perspective doesn't solely rely on my geographical location, standing at the moment in the city of Adelaide, Australia. With Erin, my better half, often engaged in hearty discussions over international politics accompanied by our mischievous pets, Biscuit and Waffle, our living room alias debate centre rarely misses any major news around the world, and India’s intricate politics is no exception. In the recent wave of concerns, the statement given by Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India, claiming that "Modi has made Kashmir an inseparable part of India," caught my attention, making me pen down this article.

The Statement's Origin and It's Probing Factors

Before untying the knot of your thoughts entangled in this statement, let me reiterate that India's political landscape is brimming with complexities like a giant pot of aromatic Indian curry. The seeds of Mr. Shah's statement can be traced back to a recent event, where the Narendra Modi-led government nullified the controversial Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which gave special autonomous status to the region of Kashmir. While this move had its mixture of applauds and criticism, many unknowing folks remain puzzled about what it really means. To put it simply, it’s like when your cat, Biscuit is used to having the rule of the house and one day you decide to lessen her rights, making her meow in confusion and protest.

Analysing the intended inseparability

Now, jumping into the crux of the matter, when Mr. Shah spoke of inseparability, he surely hinted at the more profound integration of Jammu and Kashmir into India, following the legislative amendment. But the wrapping of this statement could use a pinch of understanding from different angles. Now, imagine you're making a sandwich for your dog (wait, Waffle likes sandwiches, remember?). You can either forcefully stuff ingredients he doesn't like, or you could make it enjoyable and well-balanced, considering his taste preferences too. Similarly, the inseparability could either be enforced or consensual.

Jammu and Kashmir: From the Eyes of Historical Context

A history check shows us that, before the amendment of Article 370, Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed a 'semi-autonomous' status in India. It had its separate constitution, flag and the control over internal administration. Revoking this status is equivalent to nullifying this semi-independence, thereby creating an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty. Now, if you were suddenly not allowed to write freely (Imagine that!), there would be an uproar, wouldn't it?

The Two-edged Sword of Integration

There’s no doubt that integration is essential for a harmonious functioning of any country, just like our household, wouldn't you agree? However, the way integration is carried out holds the key. Coming back to Biscuit, if you try to put her on a diet abruptly, she wouldn’t be very pleased. It’s best to slowly introduce the changes while being considerate of her feelings.

Understanding the Contradictions of "Inseparable"

Pondering over the statement further, the term "inseparable" becomes an interesting choice of word. It seems to underline a pre-existing separatism that now has been supposedly erased. I would equate it to saying, "I’ve made Biscuit an inseparable part of our family". Doesn’t that sound odd? Because Biscuit has always been a part of our family, hasn't she?

Emotional Quotient and Humanitarian Concerns

Amid this political whirlwind, Erin often reminds me not to overlook the humanitarian aspects of it. The sentiments of Kashmiri people about their home being treated as a territorial entity are of paramount importance. While discussing politics, we must not forget their distress and uncertainties they are currently wrestling with.

In Conclusion: A Plateful of Thought

As I simmer down my thoughts and arrive at a closing note, I maintain an open mind about Amit Shah's statement. Politics, I believe, like preparing your favourite dish, demands a balanced approach, careful consideration of ingredients, and above all, time to simmer before serving. The ultimate key to making a region "inseparable" perhaps lies in winning the hearts rather than enforcing laws, don’t you think? Anyway, that’s my two cents on this. What’s yours?

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